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Ima CrAzY beading mother!

Ima CrAzY beading mother!
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Hey Y'all!  Welcome to my page! I have never written a blog in my life! I am definitely not a writer but what the hell I might as well try it.....My name is Monica I am a Okie, wife, mother, horse lover, makeup hoarder and beader.  I guess I'm more than those things but those are the high points. Ha!  I live my crazy life on my family cattle ranch in Oklahoma.  I have lived here my whole life expect when I moved off to go to college.  I love being in the middle of know where with the only neighbors around being my family which can be great thing and not so great thing depending on the day.  I started this website to sell my beadwork. I have always admired Native beadwork growing up.  I am Native America so maybe the desire to bead just flows through my veins.  I started beading when I was 20, a good friend of mine knew how to bead and showed me how and that was it I was hooked!  I started out by beading on headstalls for my horses and then would make jewelry for my family.  So now I want to share my creations with you.  I look forward to getting to know y'all!

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